July 2014  
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   Eid al-Fitr Holiday (Islam)
   Jul 28 2014
   Obon Holiday (Buddhist)
   Aug 15 2014
   Meet & Greet G.2 (B. Havens) 9-12pm
   Aug 21 2014
   Convocation - Conard 8:30am (Building 11:00-12:00)
   Aug 25 2014
   Meet & Greet G.4 - 3:00-3:45pm
   Aug 25 2014


Welcome to Duffy Elementary School Website!

On behalf of the teaching and support staff at Duffy elementary school, I welcome you to our school community.  I have written a quote by Herbert Hoover, “Children are our most valuable natural resource.”  I agree with him wholeheartedly.  I am excited to meet you and your child/ren.  Duffy School is a wonderful place for children to learn.  The staff at Duffy School will do everything to help your child, our most valuable natural resource, reach his or her greatest potential.  We take pride in our school and will work to ensure you and your child will have a great year at Duffy School. As a school community we will do whatever it takes to put children first. Parents/Guardians are welcomed to visit the school often so we can share the love of learning and strong values instilled here. 

Together we will have high expectations and collaboratively we will help each child achieve their greatest potential. The six pillars of character are a living document at Duffy School.  I have seen ‘Caring’, the children hold each other’s hands and help in the hallway.  I have seen staff gently help children navigate the hallways.  I have seen ‘Fairness’ when parents have spoken, called or e-mailed me with concerns or questions, together we have kept an open-mind and listened to each other.  ‘Trustworthy’ is at work at Duffy as everyone is working together to provide the children the best education possible and the children are showing ‘Respect’ and ‘Caring’ as they greet me, each other and staff, and they hold doors for all.   Citizenship is alive and well at Duffy School as I have observed a classroom sign their classroom constitution they created.  I observed the students playing together, being collaborative and helpful.  Duffy School is a community where everyone works at being a life-long learner.

We, Duffy School community, want to help ‘every child feel valued and special.  We will do ‘whatever it takes’ to help every child work to his/her greatest potential.  We will greet the children each morning and take a moment to hear their thoughts.  We will say good-bye each afternoon and see their smiling faces. With your help the children will know that they will be challenged in their classrooms.  They will be given the support they need to be successful and it is our, the school’s communities obligation to make sure we do whatever it takes to ensure the children receive a rigorous and relevant curriculum that they deserve.  We will take the time to celebrate small and large accomplishments. Speaking for the staff at Duffy School we are happy to work alongside of you and to have fun while we help the children become outstanding citizens who have the tools/education to make our world a better place.

May this be our best school year yet and may all the children come home each week full of excitement about what they learned at Duffy Elementary School!


Dr. Karen Fitzsimmons
Principal, Duffy Elementary School

There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other, wings.   Hodding Carter



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