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Welcome to Duffy School!

We are a vibrant learning community where academic achievement, social-emotional and physical health, and access to and engagement in the arts are equal priorities. Our 500 students in kindergarten through grade five benefit from teachers who possess an unwavering commitment to the success and well-being of all. Parents play an integral role in our community, volunteering time, talents, and resources to support our curriculum. Together, we are innovating, we are celebrating, and we are rising up to meet the high expectations of 21st century public education. We know that the success of our mission depends upon the strength of our partnership.

Please take a few minutes to explore this website. I hope that you find it to be an invaluable resource for learning about the work of our school. My door is always open….I look forward to our year together!


Kristi Laverty


Kristi Laverty

Kristi Laverty


Meghan Zingle

Assistant Principal

Our Mission

The mission of Louise Duffy School, as a community with a strong belief in the unlimited potential of every child, is to develop responsible, respectful, and compassionate students who are academically well prepared, physically fit, and emotionally healthy to journey through the 21st century.  To accomplish this, we will ensure high individual achievement, develop critical thinking,  facilitate problem solving, celebrate creativity, and cultivate open-mindedness.

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There are several big ideas that will shape our work with your children:

1. Joy matters. School and learning should be joyful. We want students to wake up excited to learn and for them to come home saying “I had the BEST day!”

2. Compassion matters. Students should feel heard, understood, and safe. We will collaborate with them and engage them in sharing their ideas, solving problems, and demonstrating compassion in our community.

3. Mindset matters. Learning tasks should be meaningful and valuable, and students must believe the effort is worth it.

4. Academic growth and achievement matters. Students will have a bigger role than ever as they work to set goals, monitor their understanding and progress, and work with staff to address their needs.