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Andrea DeSimone-Rafferty

Andrea DeSimone-Rafferty

Spanish Teacher

I completed my undergraduate work in Spanish Language/Literature at Salve Regina University and the University of Madrid. In 2010 I received my Master’s degree through the Inter-University program at The Universidad of Salamanca in Spain and CCSU.

I have been a language teacher for 20+ years, 5 of which were spent instructing in Madrid and Barcelona Spain. I joined the West Hartford School District in 2005.  

When my husband and I are not juggling the trials of raising two teenage boys, I enjoy cooking, reading, walking, listening to music and getting together with friends! During the summer my family travels to visit family and friends throughout Spain.

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¡Bienvenidos al mundo de Español en Duffy! 

Grade 3 students are introduced to greetings, colors, numbers 1-30, days of the week, months, weather, seasons, emotions, classroom objects, body parts and healthy eating.  

Grade 4 students spend the first few months reviewing topics from third grade, which include: colors, numbers 1-50, days of the week, months, weather, seasons, and emotions. They are introduced to clothing, basic body parts, the alphabet, and healthy eating.

Grade 5 students spend the first two months reviewing topics from third and fourth grade, which include colors, numbers 1-1000, days of the week, months, seasons, weather, clothing, emotions, and classroom objects. They study about Hispanic Heritage including all 20 Spanish speaking countries their cultures, and families. Fifth graders are introduced to family, household objects, sports, and telling time. The 3rd through 5th grade World Language Program is designed to enhance students’ communicative skills in the Spanish language, while fostering knowledge and understanding of other cultures and disciplines.

The mission of the West Hartford World Language Department is to enable our students to communicate effectively in the target language, and develop an understanding of the cultures of the speakers of that language. As a result, students will enhance their ability to be responsible citizens in our global community.

West Hartford Public Schools is proud to offer language instruction from grade 3 to grade 12 in all schools.

Grade-specific World Language info and resources